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Latest Update 4 November 2012

The Thameside Aviation Museum have had many visitors over the year of 2012. New artifacts have arrived and will hopefully be on dispaly next year, these are from a very rare WWII bomber (more news early 2013)

The musum has had its last full open day but we will be open one last day in 2012 and this will be the Memorial day to be held on Sunday 25 November, with a service being held at the memorial garden within the fort.

All are welcome and there is not an entry charge for this day but open time will be limited from 11am to around 3pm.

We thank you for all your support during this last year and look forward to see ing you at next years packed events.

2013 events (not confirmed)

Motorcycle day : Sunday March 31st

Classic Vehicle Day: Sunday July 28th

Vintage Tractors and Farm Machinery Day Sunday 29th September (provisonal)




Saturday 7th August 1999; Roger and Colin went to a field in Essex to locate the site of two American aircraft which had collided in 1944. It was a very successful day with both the aircraft being located.

Aircraft remains found all over the area laying on the surface and the metal detector giving very good readings over both aircraft. Among the finds included, Perspex, skinning, and an earphone from a head set. Full excavation of both aircraft will be carried out in August 2000.

Darren and Ryan Wingrave with their finds on the location of the two bombers

LEFT: Darren and Ryan Wingrave at the crash site of the two American Bomber's, with a few small items found on the surface, 7/8/99.