The Cockpit Collection



In Store we have the cockpit sections of three aircraft

The Nose Section of

 Gnat XM692

The fuselage section of  

Chipmunk WD471

The nose section of a former 

Egyptian Air Force MiG-21UM



Chipmunk WG471

Work is due to start on WG471 over the winter of 2004/5 Ken Levy has decided to make this his winter project

De Havilland CHIPMUNK T.10   WG471
Contract No 6/ACFT/5063/CB.9(a)  date 30.05.50  for 150 a/c
Construction Number C1/
Built at Brough
19.11.51 AWCN  -Brough
20.11.51 4 BFTS -Sywell
21.11.51 16 RFS -Burnaston
31.12.51  3 BFTS -Burnaston
24.04.52  D.H
24.04.52  Cat.4R  D.H 
01.05.52  4R/RIW/D.H
17.07.52  AWCN  ex 4R
22.08.52  24 RFS -Rochester
23.02.53  19 RFS -Woodvale
05.05.54  HCMSU -Leconfield
05.07.54  Leeds UAS -Yeadon
30.09.54  Notts UAS -Newton
18.04.56  4 S of T.T   St.Athan (Station Flt and/or possibly for apprentice air
experience flights as Halton did when I was there.)
23.10.56  10 MU -Hullavington
13.03.57  MCCS  -Andover
29.05.57  Aston Down   prob Station Flt
05.06.57  229 OCU -Chivenor
30.09.57  10 MU -Hullavington
18.03.58  6 FTS  -Ternhill
18.06.58  1 FTS  -Syerston
22.10.58  22 MU -Silloth
22.06.60  Aberdeen UAS -Dyce
Then allocated to Durham UAS but cancelled
08.08.60  5 MU -Kemble
17.08.60  5 MU -Kemble
14.04.65  RAF Shawbury
30.06.72   Declared NEA        
24.10.72  RAF Ouston for Pax training
Alloted 8210M 04.08.72 From 5MU detachment at Shawbury to RAF Ouston for
Northumbria UAS and 11AEF
With 11AEF 04.78
with 1331 ATC sqdn Stowmarket departed 02.88 to
301 Atc sqdn Bury-St-Edmunds still here 2.89
It is possible that the aircraft were used as ' hacks ' at some locations and
were stationed at another site for odd times. MUs- could have been station hacks
or possibly even in short-term storage. The two entries for 5MU for 1960 could
possibly have been station hack and then put into storage ready for delivery to
Shawbury for disposal.
Awaiting Collection
Basic Flying Training School
Reserve Flying School
Repair In Workshop
Home Command Major Servicing Unit 
University Air Squadron
School of Technical Training
Maintenance Unit
Maintenance Command Communications Squadron
Operational Conversion Unit
Flying Training School
Non-Effective Airframe
Air Experience Flight

Thank you to Dave Pope for this Information and pictures






Folland Gnat Construction Number FL-502  XM692

  cockpit section of a Folland Gnat "XM692".

 we may paint it in a and scheme of the Red Arrows and Yellow Jacks scheme.


On Display at Billericay Fire Station Open Day 2002

If you have any details of the Gnats history we would love to hear from you

 Gnats Info @


 XM691 the sister ship of our Gnat has a fantastic history, that story and a comprehensive list of Gnat survivors can be found by clicking  HERE


  The nose section of a former Egyptian Air Force MiG-21UM  0446  Mikoyan MiG-21UM Mongol (nose)

MiG-21UM Mongol B

MiG-21U ('Mongol'): Two-seat trainer; initial "Mongol-A" generally similar to MiG-21F except for two cockpits in tandem with sideways hinged (to starboard) double canopy, larger mainwheels and tyres of MiG-21PF, one-piece forward airbrake, above intake pitot and no gun. "Mongol-B" has broader chord vertical tail surfaces and under- rudder brake chute housing of later operational variants, deeper dorsal spine and no dorsal fin. MiG-21US ("Mongol-B"): As later MiG-21U, but provision for SPS flap blowing; retractable periscope for instructor in rear seat; internal fuel capacity 2,400 litres (634 US gallons; 528 Imp gallons).

Please Note, the Picture above is not of our aircraft. record purpose only



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