ALG 814  RP SALOON            

A strip down of the radiator for inspection and restoration has began with the Radiator Cowl.

In the restoration of my A7 I want to use as much of the original car as possible even to the point of not re-chroming parts like the Radiator Cowl, with the car being 73 years old I do want to keep some of the age of the car in the rebuild.

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With just being dusted down before stripdown.




The cowl had pitting all over




The  cap and crest


The first Application of the Deox Gel

After 20 minutes and agitation with the paint brush

After 30 Minutes a second coat of Deox Gel with the use of an old toothbrush the pitting starts to disappear

A wash down with warm soapy water one hour later and here you have the finished article

Looks a little different now, ready to be wrapped up and put in store until the day it finally adorns the front of my A7


Please feel free to mail me if you think you could help with any tips or if you would like help, although I am new to the A7

Feb. 2005